Art Services for Cruise Ships

The Highest Standards at the High Seas

Sun, breeze and a view of the majestic sea: Passengers climb aboard the decks of a cruise ship hoping to fulfil a variety of different wants and wishes – after all, this is where dreams come true. With stand-out colours, shapes and innovative designs, every artistic conception created for the decks, restaurants and cabins combines hand-picked artistic know-how with our many years of experience in the unique art of designing luxury cruise ships.

Our goal is to create a fascinating symbiosis of art, design and technology to inspire your passengers.

Visionary Art Selection

Sculptures, photographs, paintings – every artistic medium has its own unique way of complementing and punctuating the special ambiance of sailing the high seas. Of course, Samuelis Baumgarte Art Consulting makes sure that all works meet the special requirements regarding the weather conditions at sea as well as the IMO safety standards, as it goes without saying that people are always at the heart of every endeavour.

In our work, design and functionality are always seen as forming a single, cohesive unit, turning the multi-facetted art into a spectacular eye-catcher on each and every deck. We also offer special overall artistic concepts for large ships. These concepts are tailored to bring out the special character of the individual ship, making the cruise an unforgettable experience for your passengers. The largest and most luxurious cruise ships are thus given their own unmistakeable style and character which ensures a perfect vacation experience which not only meets, but exceeds all expectations.

Selection of our artistically designed cruise ships

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