Kommunaler Versorgungsverband Sachsen

Art for the new KVS building in Dresden - in Balance

The municipal supply association of Saxony represents traditional progress with the realization of its new administrative building in Dresden. The architecture has understood how to realize an individual position of building culture. A solitaire was created as a key position in the Dresden cityscape, which on the one hand quotes historical architectural elements, but at the same time respects urban planning conditions and allows them to emerge through its otherness and restraint.

The art design for the KVS focuses primarily on the installation of original works of art by young Saxon artists or artists associated with Saxony. The architecture-related wall designs by the Italian artist Fabio di Quattro, who has been to several working colloquia in Saxony and Thuringia since the 1990s, are significant for the artistic positioning of the building. Its stringent design extends from the entrance hall to the hall and waiting areas of the conference area.

Multi-part installations convey an exciting balance between abstract and organic-natural forms to the viewer. The sovereignty and modernity of the association is sustainably documented with the artist's interpretation, whereby he sensitively takes up the architecture of the building and the exterior design through form and color and subtly refers to the work processes of the KVS through the rationally reduced design language of his composition.

For the conference room and the waiting areas in the corridor areas, an individual design with free works by artists from the Saxony region was implemented. In addition to works by the renowned Dresden painter and university professor Ralf Kerbach, paintings and graphics by Susanne Aichinger, Heidrun Rueda and Anton Paul Kammerer were effectively integrated into the rooms.