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Revitalization of the office building Skylight in Frankfurt on the Main

The revitalization of the entrée in the Skylight forms the starting point for an integrative artistic design of the building by Samuelis Baumgarte Art Consulting. Modern art increases the value of the property and is intended to have a significantly positive effect on the occupancy rate. Lightness, a feeling almost as if between heaven and earth, should serve as the thematic starting point for a design by the light artist Yvonne Goulbier. In cooperation with the interior designer Clivia Bauer and the lighting designer Malte Maass, a holistic aesthetic art concept is created.

Art Concept description by the artist Yvonne Goulbier:

“21 iridescent, reflective colored glass steles separate the bistro area from the entrance hall. The individual steles stand vertically in the curved base construction in a Corian shoe (mineral-organic composite). The curved circular segment of the base means that the steles have slightly different standing directions from one another and that is exactly what makes this light sculpture so attractive. When looking through, the reflective colored glass steles alternate in the two light and light complementary shades of cobalt blue and orange - when viewed from above, they reflect gold and cyan blue. The interplay of cool blue and warm orange, of reflective gold and reflective cyan blue makes this light sculpture appear for the viewer under the motto Skylight in a different light with every movement of the head and with every step - the reflections of color and light add to the different shimmering shades and nuances.

Due to the slight change in the angle of the reflective glass steles, the incident daylight, the exterior architecture and the interior architecture of the room with the artificial light sources are mirrored, multiplied, refracted and resolved into a wide variety of color mixtures and reflective reflections. Infinite imaginary expanses open before the eyes of the beholder between heaven and earth. The kaleidoscopic refraction of the surrounding architecture in connection with reflections and color nuances to be discovered again and again exert an irresistible optical attraction on the viewer.

A fascinating play of colors of reflections and color mixtures opens up for passers-by outside the building: In daylight, the surrounding architecture is reflected and refracted in the glass steles - the brighter the day, the sooner only the gold and cyan colors of the mirrors appear. The darker it gets, the more the light sources in the hall have an effect, the more the interior of the hall is perceived. From the outside, the glass steles reveal their colored transparency in cobalt blue and orange. Due to the inclination of the steles, reflections and reflections of the hall emerge in a wide variety of facets. The light screen is perceived as an imaginary, reflective, color-changing, changing light object from the opposite side of the street and exerts an irresistible attraction on passers-by.

“In the calm blue of stillness” was the title of a light room in the Kunstverein Hannover. A photo collage of this installation was created especially for the lounge area. Embedded in the interior design concept, this picture extends from the floor to the ceiling and ends right and left with the edge of the carpet. This creates a new imaginary light space - a shimmering cocoon of light that forms a kind of lagoon and invites the visitor to linger, relax and come to rest. Blue - the color of infinity - the color of the vastness, the sky, the light, the peace and quiet opens the room at this point and lets it breathe - the cocoon of light envelops and conveys a feeling of lived self-image, according to that Motto Skylight. The name Skylight gains an additional meaning. "

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