Willis Towers Watson (former Towers Perrin)

Experience Dynamism with Art Concepts

The innovative and fast-growing company Towers Watson (formerly Towers Perrin), one of the leading international management consultancies, has been successfully equipped with works by contemporary artists by Samuelis Baumgarte Art Consulting. At the locations in Munich and Frankfurt am Main, the symbiosis of art and the world of work has succeeded.

The focus of the art concept was to offer art space to develop and to create new living environments through aesthetic accents. In order to achieve a harmonious correspondence between architecture, room function and furnishings, the selection of contemporary works of art was made very sensitively; It was important to place and reflect on the communicative character of art in harmony with the corporate identity of Towers Watson for the various design areas at the two locations.

This has also been implemented with cross-media works of art, among other things. In the new branch of the Towers Watson in Munich, which opened in September 2008, there are installations by the artist Bärbel Möllmann from her photographic essay Visions NYC, which, thanks to their audio-visual character, open up an exciting, tangible space and thus new and tangible for both customers and employees Enable dynamic worlds of experience in the midst of everyday work.