Platz der Einheit

Square design between the investment buildings Kastor & Pollux

Light sculpture by Christian Herdeg - "Synergy"

As a contractor for two international investor communities, Samuelis Baumgarte Art Consulting has organized a worldwide artist competition to design the Platz der Einheit. This resulted in the vote to opt for the light sculpture by the Swiss artist Christian Herdeg.

In addition to the sculptures by Borofsky, Oldenburg, Bury and Bill installed in Frankfurt, Christian Herdeg's work of light art is now a significant and enriching focal point of downtown Frankfurt.


Idea / concept:

Two skyscrapers: prismatic shapes

Two circles of light: circular dynamic shapes


On the central lawn between the two skyscrapers Kastor and Pollux, two twelve-meter-high, filigree-looking steel circles are leaning "gently" against each other. Inside these two framework rings, argon light beams, each consisting of four luminous strands, run. Each ring is assigned a color, namely blue and orange -red. The half-timbering itself is stove-enamelled with an aluminum silver color. The work towers above the trees meters high and is visible from the street as well as from the two buildings. Particular attention was paid to the passengers coming from the subway, which the Being able to experience the work of art impressively. The stately dimension of the sculpture resulted from the thorough examination of the monumental building volume and the open space in between. Thanks to the lightweight construction of this extremely torsion-resistant tubular space construction, the building never looks heavy or even threatening - it conveys an amazingly playful one Light ity.

The work is intended to mediate between man and building and create new spatial experiences. During the day the three-dimensional sculptural effect emerges clearly. In addition, the colored light strands accentuate and enliven the circles. At night the sculpture is illuminated from the inside and appears dematerialized, if not to say enchanted. In addition, there will be extremely fascinating reflections both day and night in the facades of the buildings and in the water basin.

Photos: © Christian Herdeg, A.N. Simmen