The 5 “- the suspension of gravity A sculpture for AC Liegenschaften GmbH and the office building Heinrich-Konen-Straße 5 in Bonn

On September 29, 2016, the sculpture “The 5 - The Lifting of Gravity” by the artist Thomas Schönauer was installed in front of the HKS 5 office building in Bonn. The ceremonial unveiling took place on October 28, 2016 in the presence of the Lord Mayor of Bonn.

The place.

The builders of the Heinrich-Konen-Strasse 5 building in Bonn have long-standing roots in the place. Up until a few years ago, the family ran one of Bonn's largest concrete plants here and on the adjacent properties. Even today, one of the diverse business areas is trading in raw materials for the construction sector. The place itself, the addresses, have changed fundamentally. The concrete plant has given way to representative administrative buildings that accommodate attractive tenants. The recently completed building at number 5 impresses with its contemporary facade design with a very distinctive portal character.

The task.

It is important to the clients to underline the value of the building, the facade and the portal with an original sculpture. If possible, it is desirable to include the number 5, the house number of the building, in the design of the sculpture.

The idea.

The mighty building has a clearly grid-like facade structure, which consists of vertical window units in color-contrasting horizontal storey strips - the right angle is decisive. Therefore, the number 5 is not integriert somehow ’integrated, but rather it defines the shape of the sculpture through its connection of the‘ right angle ’with the unden rounding’ for the loosening contrast to the facade, ‘The 5’ is the sculpture.

The implementation. The construction.

The whole is the sum of its individual parts. According to this philosophical approach, ‘The 5’ is not formed from a single body, but rather it floats as a seven-part steel construction above the designated stand area. The seven individual bodies are designed hollow volumes, which are connected to one another by fine webs, have their own sculptural radiance and also have a very special relationship to their neighboring volume, but also to the overall sculpture. On the one hand, you can feel the structural integrity, on the other hand, the separation of the individual bodies gives the whole a great lightness. The sculpture apparently loses its inherent material weight and floats.

Photography © Thomas Schönauer in April 2016