DAL Deutsche Anlagen-Leasing

Dynamic Impulses for the Financial Manufactory

In order to bundle the synergies at a central headquarters, DAL had been planning to merge its two locations in Wiesbaden and Mainz-Weisenau for several years. Finally, a plot of land was found on Emy-Roeder-Straße in Mainz that offers enough space for the new building and also a wonderful view over the Taunus. At the end of February 2017, more than 200 employees were able to move.

The art concept developed by Samuelis Baumgarte Art Consulting provided for an artistic intervention in the spacious foyer, which was to be continued in the other building areas on the ground floor. The artist Anemona Crisan, who lives in Vienna, emerged as the winner of the artist competition organized for the DAL, in which four very different working artists presented their ideas.

With the implementation of her artistic design, Anemona Crisan transformed the construction site of the new building into an artist's studio from the beginning of January 2017 and carried out her work in situ. The two large wall areas in the foyer and two further walls in the conference and canteen area were designed entirely by hand. For the glass elements in the conference and canteen area, foils made according to the artist's design were glued.

Anemona Crisan's artistic idea takes up three central aspects of the corporate identity and corporate design of the DAL: The recurring element of the red rectangle not only takes up the grid of the architecture of the new building, but also refers to the DAL logo. Larger-than-life figures in the foyer and canteen refer to DAL employees and customers and represent people as designers, both alone and together in a team. Essential areas of the artistic idea were implemented as elaborate hand drawings - a reference to the manufacturing concept, which plays a decisive role in DAL's project business.