Costa Smeralda

Costa Smeralda cruise ship operated by Costa Crociere, Genoa

Costa Crociere and Samuelis Baumgarte Art Consulting present a journey into a new dimension on board the new Costa Smeralda, a ship on which sun, sea, dolce vita and international art merge into an unforgettable experience. The design of the Costa Smeralda, completed in December 2019, pays homage to the beauty of Italy. Each of the 20 decks is assigned to a well-known Italian city, which is reflected in its design. The artistic positions selected by Samuelis Baumgarte Art Consulting take up the interior design and the Italian flair of the individual areas on board, so that a harmonious overall picture is created.

Il Meneghino and La Colombina are two restaurants that both thematically deal with Italian fashion and are architecturally connected by a common staircase. The artistic design of Il Meneghino underlines the timeless elegance of the interior design based on the model of the Armani brand. Under the glamorous ceiling lights, a central lane leads like a catwalk through to the prominently placed work of art on the front wall.


Design focus in the public areas


Teppanyaki restaurant

The Teppanyaki, a restaurant for Asian grill specialties, offers culinary delicacies of the highest quality. The focus is on the innovative use of fresh ingredients based on the Asian model. This topic is also reflected in the artistic wall design.

La Colombina restaurant

The design of the La Colombina restaurant follows the colorful, graphic style of the Pucci and Missoni brands. Upon entering the restaurant, an imposing room opens up to the guests. This environment is ideally highlighted by an impressive sculpture in the central visual axis of the restaurant.

Panorama elite

The traditional Italian craft of glass blowing enjoys a high reputation worldwide. This theme was taken up in the interior design of the Panorama-Elite. The focal point of the first-class restaurant is an extravagant glass ceiling lamp. The selected art underlines the unique atmosphere of this restaurant.

Bellavista Club Restaurant

The interior architectural and artistic design of the Bellavista Club Restaurant finds its inspiration in the history of Italian seafaring and the passion for sailing. The Riva yachts shown are an homage to the masterpiece of the last century and an Italian design icon that has not lost its importance to this day. Design, material and details - the perfect harmony of all three elements makes a Riva ship something really exquisite.