Administration building Quatron 12 in Düsseldorf of the Bau- und Liegenschaftsbetriebs NRW


If you want to make visions a reality, you have to take the decisive steps into the future. Visions therefore need energetic decision-makers: people who stand up for their visions and have the courage to go new and often unconventional paths. The new administration building of BLB NRW Quatron 12 in Düsseldorf is the realization of such a vision. The architecture also sets standards here. By building on the tradition of postmodern minimalist architecture - internally modern - externally. Both through the choice of materials and through the clearly structured structures.


A cultural environment supports innovative, future-oriented processes. As a far-sighted investor, BLB NRW recognized this long ago and uses it for active design. Thanks to the increasing attention to these ideas and demands, which are shaped by overall culture, modern architecture-related art is also moving into the new administration building Quatron 12. The focus is on corporate culture as an expression of entrepreneurial identity, the promotion of art as a means of economic development and as a means of communication.

When entering the building's entrance, the viewer already gets an impression of the generosity of the architecture. The materials used in the hall in natural colors for the facades and grayish stone for the floor, generous glass surfaces and the clear structure of the bright wall surfaces are effectively emphasized by an artistic design with a corresponding external effect.

Prof. Gudrun Kemsa and her students from the Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences:

"Moving Photography - Teaching and Implementing Design" The areas of the room that are used and lived through by employees and visitors on a daily basis, starting from the entrance hall or on the floors, experience a focused, stringent artistic and varied photographic and interactive contemporary design that is based on a detailed concept has been developed The viewer is involved in an eventful and cultural way between the corporate claim and the CI of BLB NRW.

Professor Gudrun Kemsa, who lives in Düsseldorf, is one of Germany's leading photographers. Her work has been shown in the most important exhibitions of contemporary photography for more than 15 years, and Gudrun Kemsa's works are also in many museum and private collections.

As part of an interdisciplinary photographic and multimedia project, Prof. Gudrun Kemsa was able to implement a homogeneous design measure in close cooperation with her students of the new year, which takes into account the CI of BLB NRW and the architecture-related conditions of the above-mentioned rooms. It is a stringent photo art concept that connects art with people, architecture, technology and economy.