BKK Betriebskrankenkasse für Heilberufe

The Way of Life

The new administrative building of the BKK company health insurance fund is located in a central location as a spacious solitaire in the Schiessstrasse office park in Düsseldorf and symbolizes solidity and modernity through its architecture. In terms of style, the new office building is based on classic models of modern architecture.

You enter the building through a representative entrance area. The relaxed basic mood, through the material mix wood, slate-colored melanin and textile, impresses with its materiality and color. The spatial routing from the hall through the lift zones to the casino underlines the stringency of the architectural ensemble and forms visual lines of sight to other areas such as from the customer offices to the inner courtyard.

The young and promising photo artist Bärbel Möllmann uses her camera to methodically observe subjects that are familiar to all of us, such as the urban environment, vegetation, everyday interiors, but also people in their familiar surroundings.

Often she also stages photos in an artistically new way through re-photographs. With her extremely objective point of view, she is able to paint a clear and impressive picture of our social or historical situation.

Evolution and change are addressed in the metamorphoses that Rainer Krause gives to his being. Images of spherical cosmic events deal with change that can only be recognized as such in retrospect. The artist's search for the actual purpose of man coincides with the depicted search of the cosmos for its organization.

The long way of life is shown from its original, completely amorphous shape to its differentiated shape and meaning. Rainer Krause, who in earlier works expressed clearer lines and forms in his works, allows the interplay of color and material to come more and more to the fore in more recent works.